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How to sleep better when travelling in economy


How to sleep better when travelling in economy

Just because you are travelling for business does not mean that you are in business class. In fact, with the cost of business class rising so dramatically more and more business people are having to fly back in cattle class. That doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be on your game when you arrive either... so how can you sleep well when you are travelling in economy? Read on to find out.

Eat and drink the right stuff

So we all know that diet affects sleep right? Good. That means that you need to make sure that you have eaten the right food and drunk the right drinks before and during the flight. Avoid junk food, soft drinks and booze. It will not help you, even booze will end up making you pay. You want things like cereal as both the cereal and milk will help you sleep, you want cherries and almonds, you want soothing herbal teas like chamomile. These all help you sleep. Also make sure that you are not too full, not only does this force the body to work hard while you are asleep but it also makes you less comfortable.

Get a pillow, sleeping bag liner, eye mask and ear plugs

Yes, these are the essentials of sleeping while travelling. Make yourself as comfortable as possible with a good neck pillow and sleeping bag liner (these are about the right thickness to keep you warm and they will not fall off like a blanket, better yet they fold up tiny) and then block out all the sounds and sights on the plane with your eye mask and ear plugs. Also don’t skimp on the ear plugs, get the silicone ones that are much more comfortable and block out more of the sound. The more comfortable and isolated you are the better.

Make yourself as comfortable in the seat as possible

Right so continuing on the comfort buzz, how can you get comfortable in one of those tiny and cramped seats? Obviously it depends on your size, shape and personal preference but there are a few things you can do. First recline your seat. Second have your hand lug down by your feet so you can put your feet up on it. Third use something (like the blanket they hand out or some clothing) for lumbar support. Some people prefer to lie straight, others on their side, find out which is best for you.

Take your shoes off

Ok, if you have every forgotten to take your shoes off on a long flight you will know that your feet can sometimes swell during the flight and you will have very painful feet so take your shoes off before you go to sleep... but do not forget to have very clean socks on (or even a spare pair in your luggage).

Good luck and hopefully you get the sleep you need to nail it on arrival!

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