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How to get an insomnia fighting playlist on your iPod


Part of having insomnia is managing it rather than curing it, many people are able to live full and happy lives by limiting the incidences of insomnia by finding tricks and techniques that help them combat it.  One of these is by using music as a soporific. As long as you are listening to the right music at the right volume, it can really help. Soothing music, or even sound scapes are a good way of distracting and relaxing, taking your focus off trying to get to sleep so you can actually fall asleep. Here is a good insomnia fighting playlist to put on your iPod.

Look for soothing classical music that has no drum track as the harsh syncopation of modern drum tracks will jar you awake. Try these pieces: Johann Sebastian Bach, Suites for Solo Cello, Johann Sebastian Bach, Goldberg Variations, Joseph Haydn, String Quartets Op. 33,  Wolfgang Mozart, Concerto for Flute and Harp and Wolfgang Mozart, "Haydn" String Quartets though steer clear of pieces like Carl Orff’s O’Fortuna which have large and dramatic crescendos.

As well as classic music you could try relaxing sound scapes, things like beach sounds or white noise. These also help to distract you without adding any aural stimulation.

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