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Is sleeping in a sleep disorder?


It might seem like virtually everything we do in this world has become a disorder, from being hyperactive as children to worrying too much, doctors and researchers seem to love pinning the word disorder to just about everything as if that explains it. Well, here is a new one, is sleeping in a sleep disorder.

Before you huff that every teenager must suffer from it, here are the facts. If you are what you might think of as a ‘night owl’, someone who likes to go to bed late and wake up late, then you may just have a sleep disorder.

Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder (DSPD) is real, at least the doctors and researchers say it is. DSPD is a circadian rhythm in which your internal sleep pattern is delayed two or more hours from a normal sleep pattern. This causes you to sleep later and wake up later.

There are a wide number of people out there with this disorder so whether it is actually what you would call a disorder or whether it is simply another variation of normal is another question.

If you do suffer from DSPD maybe you could use it to your advantage, next time you are late for work you could blame the disorder, unless of course you work night shift.

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