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Kava the sleep secret of the South Pacific


There are a million reasons why we struggle to sleep. For some people, it is a physical problem, no matter how relaxed and unstressed they are, no matter how calm and tired they are, they struggle to fall asleep. For others, it is psychological, they are depressed, or stressed, or anxious, and this makes it hard for them to fall asleep because their mind is churning through problems and issues and is not allowing them to wind down and drop off to sleep.

If you struggle to sleep because your brain is all pent up, because you are anxious and stressed, then there is something that you can try, something natural and harmless that might just help you to get to sleep. Kava is derived from the root of a South Pacific plant and has been used as a recreational stimulant in many Pacific countries for thousands of years. It is an anti-anxiety herb and it has been shown to help many people struggling from psychological insomnia to fall asleep.

In the Pacific it is consumed as a nutty flavoured drink that many people find rather unappealing. You can also buy it in a pill form, which is much easier to swallow. It should be taken about an hour before bedtime. However before taking always consult your doctor.

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