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Murray’s sleep routine aids Wimbledon triumph


Andy Murray, victorious in the Men’s Singles at Wimbledon at the weekend, revealed that a key part of his training regime is sleep. Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Murray explained that his sleep routine during the tournament included twelve-hour sleeps along with daytime naps, and that the time spent resting was a key part of the recovery and rejuvenating process. While the focus over the last couple of years has been firmly on his training regime with Ivan Lendl and his superman physique, the idea that sleep plays such an important role in Murrays game may come as a surprise for some.

“Rest is so important. On the days when I am not playing I try to get in and do my work early, deal with everything else that has to happen, and then get home and have a nap. Then I try to take myself away from any other distractions in the evening, and make sure I get rest again,” said Murray to the Mirror. “I don’t normally have any trouble sleeping. I sleep well. You need rest to make sure you recover properly.”

Murray’s final victory against world number one Novak Djokovic on Sunday was the first time a Brit had won the home Grand Slam in seventy-seven years.

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