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Oddities of life probably due to sleeplessness


Because we are not really aware of it most of the time, it is easy to underestimate sleep. It is only when something goes wrong that most of us become cognisant of the central role that sleep plays in our lives. Then it becomes powerfully obvious how essential sleep is to being human, from the recharging of our energy to being able to close a chapter on a particularly bad day and wake fresh in the morning, sleep is a fundamental aspect of the human condition.

It is amazing how many of life’s oddities are often caused by lack of sleep, from unusual weight gain through to midday hallucinations when you have had nothing stronger than a cup of coffee, a lack of sleep can have some severe effects.

Take hallucinations, one of the weirder aspects of the brain. You don’t need have ingested psychedelics or be diagnosed with a mental illness to suffer from an hallucination, many people experience them because of lack of sleep.

While they are not entirely sure of why this occurs, the theory is that your brain is dreaming while awake, doing the various sorting and processing that usually happens when you dream, resulting in waking hallucinations.

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