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People who function properly on minimal sleep


Are you a mess if you get less than seven hours sleep or are you one of those people who are able to function normally with only four? People’s sleep tolerances vary remarkably both across the populace and during an individual’s life.

Most of us need around seven hours sleep a night to feel refreshed and be able to function the next day. However, there are some people who are able to function normally with as little as four hours sleep a night.

The former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was one of these people, she was able to fit about sixteen hours of work in every day, a feat that enable her to stay at the top of her game for so long.

A bit closer to home, the ex PM Kevin Rudd is also able to function normally on around four hours of sleep a night.

The inventor of the light bulb, a device which did more to change sleep patterns than any other single invention, Thomas Edison was also famous for only need four hours sleep a night.

US real estate mogul Donald Trump is another how is able to function on less sleep than normal.

How about you, how much do you need every night?

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