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Regularly having a bad night’s sleep is know to be linked to a host of health problems including obesity, meaning that if you’re watching your weight then putting more effort into getting good quality shut-eye might be the best way forward. The connection between sleep and weight is largely to do with energy levels and the way that the body produces particular hormones to react to tiredness during the day.


The effects of sleep deprivation include cravings for foods that more often than not aren’t the healthiest options, Meredith Barbour MD from Duke Primary Care told wral.com.


“Lack of sleep triggers the release of hormones that stimulate hunger and appetite, especially for those high-calorie, carbohydrate-dense foods like cookies, chips and ice cream,” said Dr. Barbour. “Generally speaking, adults should aim for seven to eight hours of sleep per night.”


Beginning the day after a poor sleep will force the body to demand sufficient energy to fuel the activity of being awake, and going about business such as work or school will increase this urge.

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