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Should you watch TV before bed?


For centuries many people have read before bed, for many this is still the chosen method of pre-sleep relaxation. However, in the past few decades we humans have invented any number of entertaining devices and mediums with which to focus on before bed.

One of the increasingly popular pre bed rituals has become watching TV, but is watching TV before bed training your brain to need it? In other words, if you watch TV each night before bed, will that make it harder to get to sleep if you do not watch TV at night?

According to sleep experts, the answer is a cautious yes. Anything in moderation is not too bad, but if you lie in bed with the lights off and watch TV every night before bed, then you may struggle to get to sleep without the TV on, it is a simple bit of cognitive programming, in the same way that many people wake up a minute before their alarm goes off.

The best thing to do is not watch TV every night before bed, though some nights is ok. Try a book some nights, it was good enough for most humans for the past several centuries.

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