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Here in Australia the siesta sounds rather exotic but for many people it is simply a part of their everyday life. The siesta, or after lunch nap, is generally common in countries that have hot climates and generally seen as a good way of avoiding the sapping midday heat and minimising the drowsiness associated with a full stomach. In these hot countries many go home for lunch and have a quick sleep afterwards, returning to work refreshed and reinvigorated.

Siestas are common in many southern states of Europe including Italy, Spain, Malta, Montenegro, Greece, France, Italy, Serbia, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Portugal. They are also common across  the Middle East, including countries like , Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. They are popular in most of the countries that make up Southeast Asia, such places as Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos and Thailand. India and Pakistan both have a siesta time as well. They are also a part of the cultural makeup of most states in Central and South America as well.

Unfortunately they are not a part of the Australian culture, though perhaps with enough support we could create a  siesta movement that meant we got to go home for a quick sleep after lunch.

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