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Sleep Myth 5 Most couples do not share the same sleep patterns


There are a number of myths that surround sleep, many of which are totally wrong and are actually harmful. It is time that these myths were stopped dead in their tracks and the truth was exposed. In this series we will destroy some of the most pernicious yet popular myths about sleep.

The fifth myth we are exposing is that most couples do not share the same sleep patterns. The inference in this myth is that there is something in the couple’s relationship which means that they do not gel well together sleep-wise. This is a misconception, as there is generally a difference between couples but it is not due to anything inherent in their relationship, the reason for this disparity is actually genetic. Men and women have different sleep rhythms, women generally need or want to fall asleep early than men and men want to stay awake later. It is that simple, it is a biological issue rather than relating to the particular stubbornness of one or both of the people in the relationship, though that is not going to stop the bickering over whether to turn the light out, of course.

Let’s put that myth to bed for good.

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