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Sleep and Body Repair


We usually sleep for about eight hours a day, which is about a third of a day. Thus, we usually spend about a third of our lives asleep, so what on earth is it for and what benefits do we get from being a sleep? Before discussing this, a brief caveat: while there are numerous theories on why we sleep and what benefits we get from sleep, much of what is known is up for debate.

One commonly considered benefit of sleep is that it helps the body to repair. When you sleep your body produces extra protein molecules that helps your body to defend from infection and to stay fit and healthy. The protein molecules help your immune system to mend your body at its most fundamental level- your cells.

When we are a asleep, our body is able to conduct repairs. In a way it is analogous to a ship. It is repaired when it is brought into port. Sleep is like port for our body. It provides a time when the body can produce these extra protein molecules that help our body repair itself and provide protection from infection.

If you need no other reason to sleep, then sleep to help repair your body.

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