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Sleep and bedroom colour


The study of sleep is still yet to reach its zenith of discovery, there is much we still do not know about sleep. Though we have answered some interesting questions recently the big questions regarding the exact purpose of sleep and the reason for dreaming are still to be completely answered. Still, the field of sleep research has been yielding some fascinating aspects of sleep.

Sleep is a baffling phenomena in many ways, the more we look into it the stranger it appears. Here is a recent finding that illustrates how strange it can be. It turns out that the colour of your bedroom can have an impact on your sleep. Yes, something that seems as arbitrary as the colour of the walls can have an effect on your sleep.

A recently completed survey found that homeowners whose bedroom walls are painted a light blue get the best sleep at night, compared to people with bedrooms of any other colour. They got an average of seven hours and 52 minutes. The survey also found that people with purple walls were found to be have the least sleep, with people averaging just under six hours of sleep.

Interesting enough, another study has found that people with purple sheets and doonas have more sex than any other colour Manchester, so possibly the reason that they are not sleeping as long has to do with what else they are getting up to, although this doesn’t help explain why people with other colour walls are not sleeping as much as those with light blue walls.

The researchers who conducted the survey were interested to find that light blue was the most conducive to sleep. They talked to colour therapists who told them that light blue is one of the most relaxing colours on the spectrum, along with light green, which was high up the list of good bedroom colours according to the survey.

So should you paint your bedroom light blue if you are not getting enough sleep at night? Is it really worth going to all that effort? The people who conduct the survey believe that the findings are significant enough to suggest that a repaint would be worth it, though they also said that other neutral colours such as light green and light grey would also work just as well. The reality is that if you are struggling to get enough sleep every night, painting your bedroom will seem like a pretty small ask so if you want to give it a go, there really is nothing to lose, it certainly will not keep you awake any longer.

The survey size was 2000 people, which is a respectable size though at the small end of respectable with regards to being able to apply the findings to a larger group.

It would seem that something as simple as the bedroom colour can affect the quantity of sleep, which is very bizarre indeed.

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