Sleep and depression


Everyone’s mum has told them to go to bed at some point in their lives, and for many it was every night until they left home. It turns out that mum was right, that going to bed early is incredibly good for you. How good, you may ask? Well, going to bed early can help curb depression.

Depression is a growing problem in western nations and many people are now on Prozac or other drugs to help them combat this syndrome but it is so much better if people can manage this themselves and if it can be helped by simply getting to bed earlier then this is certainly preferable to having a large proportion of the population on medication.

Researchers at Colombia University Medical Center recently conducted a massive study where the examined over 15 000 adolescents (of which almost 2000 were considering suicide). It turned out that the ones who were made to go to bed before 10pm were 20 percent less likely to consider suicide at the end of the study than they were before it.

The study found that it was important for teenagers to get at least nine hours of sleep a night and to go to bed as early as possible.

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