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Sleep better by changing what you eat at night


Sleep is vital to our physical and psychological well being, it is central to our lives, yet it is in some ways a mysterious and confusing process. One that many of us struggle with and one that many of us would like to do better. For those that sleep well every night, this struggle can seem surprising, as sleep comes naturally to them. For those burdened with insomnia, the struggle is incredibly real and detrimental.

There are a number of incredibly simple and painless ways that we can improve our sleep. One of these is changing what we eat at night. A basic dietary change can all the difference, making it easier to get to sleep and ensuring that the sleep we get is more restorative and recuperative. The key is to avoid large high fat meals late in the day as these weigh you down and force your body to work hard throughout the night. Try having light and healthy meals at night time, making your midday meal your main one. Also, it is recommended that people avoid garlic and highly spiced foods at night as these also force the body to work hard, keeping you awake when you want to be asleep.

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