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Scottish developer turning teen sleep into a sleep tracking game


There is a smart phone app for everything, even sleep. In fact there are many sleep related apps. One that is about to be released is aimed at helping people measure the quantity and quality of sleep in a fun way.

The idea that if you can turn something into a game you are more likely to enjoy it and stick with has driven a Scottish app developer to create a sleep tracking game. The game’s name is Zed. The sleepers, or players, set their alarm and place their smart phone as close to their bed as possible while they sleep, and Zed records their sleep data while they’re snoring away. It is able to detect changes in their breathing as well as their movement, allowing it to build up a relatively accurate picture of their sleep cycle.

People are awarded points for a good sleep cycle and deducted points for a disturbed sleep cycle. The game itself is a runner game where the player needs to get as many ‘Zeds’ home safe as they can. The more points they have the more ‘Zeds’ they can get home.

The app developer hopes that this will be a fun way for people to monitor their sleep and try and improve their sleep habits.

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