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Sleepiness Can Be Cured By A Blue Light


Hands up anyone who has woken in the morning feeling drowsy? Most of us have had a few mornings like that, where we feel terrible even though we went to bed on time and had the right amount of sleep. This can leave you feeling cheated and annoyed. You can deal with feeling bad if you stayed up too late or indulged in a few too many drinks, it is karma if it is self-inflicted. But when you wake up feeling bad for no reason, that is flat out horrible.

Luckily, there is something you can do about it. Often, this feeling is cause by delayed sleep phase syndrome, which is a complicated way of saying that your body clock and the external time are out of sync. The way you can fix it is by speeding up your internal clock. If you have this feeling a few mornings in a row, then you know it is caused by your body clock. All you have to do to speed up your body clock is expose yourself to blue light. You could by some blue plastic and put it over a light. Just an hour or so of blue light in the day will speed up your body clock and the next morning you should be in sync.

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