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Sleeping pills linked to dementia


If you are struggling to sleep and either have or going to use sleeping pills, this might make you rethink your choice.

A recent study with around a 1,000 elderly people found that those who began taking the sleeping pill benzodiazepine are around 50 per cent more likely to develop dementia within the 15 years. Generally these types of drugs are used for short-term insomnia and anxiety as well as  for sedation and anxiety ahead of surgery or other procedures such as dental work. However, some people have been taking them for longer periods. The message from this study is that they are only for sporadic and short term use.

In reality, if you are struggling to sleep on a regular basis then the last thing you should be taking is sleeping pills, aside from increasing your risk of dementia, they become a crutch, meaning that you can never get to sleep without them. It is way better to try non-chemical and herbal methods of getting to sleep.

Try making and sticking to a regular bed routine, also make your room a nice place to sleep with moderate temperature, some airflow and no lights or noise. Then you need to cut out coffee, cigarettes and alcohol while trying the variety of natural sleep aides.

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