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Our dreams have always featured heavily in human society, from the fuel of our ambition to the revelations of our psyche, dreams are a prominent yet enigmatic aspects of our reality. Now however, modern technology and science is providing us with new and powerful ways of taking control of our dreams. Here are two products available now.

The white noise app can be installed on most smart phones and it is useful in helping to lull you into the kind of sleep where you can begin to interact with your dreams in a more controlled manner. This app allows you to control the frequency, volume and type of white noise produced and these sounds have been proven to slide you into a powerful dream state.

The next item is the Nova lucid dream mask. Once you have used the white noise app to fall into a dream state the Nova mask will help you to master your dreams. What it does is sense when you have moved into the rapid eye movement phase of your sleep. It then starts flashing a series of lights on your eyelids so that you are aware you are entering the dream state. As you train with this mask, you become better at dreaming consciously so that you can control them.

Good luck, dream master.

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