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The Benefits of Hypnosis on Sleep


We all know about hypnosis. You have probably been to a show where a bunch of unwitting volunteers have been soundly embarrassed by the hypnotist as he or she has made them do any number of foolish or silly things that they normally wouldn’t.

Hypnosis is far more than a cheap parlour trick though. It has been used in medicine and law and order for many years and in a number of different ways. It is a legitimate and respected method of interacting with a person’s subconscious and amongst its many uses, there are a number of researchers looking into how it can help people with insomnia.

The benefit of hypnotism as a means of curing insomnia is that it is a means of getting to sleep that doesn’t involve taking drugs that can mess with your metabolism. Compared to sleeping pills, which make the user dependent and leave them feeling groggy and tired for days and weeks at a time, hypnosis has virtually no side effects and is extremely cost effective.

It is especially good if the insomniac learns how to self-hypnotise, which is possible. If they can self hypnotise then they can put themselves to sleep forever for free with no side effects.

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