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The secret to happiness is better sleep


Every day it seems that we are bombarded with tips and tricks on how to live a better life—if you want to lose weight buy this secret formula, discover how to unlock your mega memory with this DVD— the only catch is that it always costs and it rarely works.

But what if we could give you the real secret to happiness right here and right now for free, a secret that actually works? Sure you would be sceptical but the great thing is that this is something most of us can do and should do. Here goes:

The secret to happiness is better sleep. Yes, if you sleep well each and every night you will be happier. Around a third of adults in the West are constantly tired, this has a massive affect on the general happiness of a population.

The key is not just getting enough sleep but making sure it is good sleep. This means avoiding alcohol, caffeine and tobacco, it means sleeping in a totally dark room with good airflow and no noise, it means having a bed which is both comfortable and supportive and it means sleeping around the same amount each over the same hours.

Do this and you will become happier, we promise!

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