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Tricking your brain into sleep


Sleep is one of those critical aspects of life. We all need it and if we do not have enough of it we will suffer throughout the day until we recharge our batteries, unless of course, you know how to trick your brain into thinking that it has had a full night’s sleep when it hasn’t.

The brain is much like a computer, and just like a computer, if you know the right hacks you can bypass all the safety protocols and routines, enabling you to trick the brain into thinking it has been done for the full eight hour rest when it has had far less sleep.

This handy trick is called the Uberman Sleep Schedule. Essentially, rather than sleeping for eight hours sleep, you need to take about six 20-30 minute naps every four hours a day. While at first this routine will leave you feeling rather exhausted, after a while your body adjusts to the new cycle and you drop immediately into REM sleep, which is the recuperative period of the sleep cycle.

After about ten days on this cycle you will wake from each power nap like you had a full night’s sleep, though be warned, this is a brain hack for the dedicated.

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