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Waking suddenly at night


All of a sudden your eyes pop open, you have woken in the middle of the night! Thanks to Murphy and his laws this always seems to happen when you have got something really important on in the morning, meaning that you will instantly get stressed about needing to get back to sleep.

So how can you get back to sleep as quickly as possible? Well the first thing you can do is not stress, which is of course easier said than done. However, it is true, the more you stress about it the harder it will be to get back to sleep, so just try to relax.

It is important that you do not get up or turn the light on as both of these actions will make your mind more alert. The more disturbance to your night time environment the harder it will be to get back to sleep.

The best thing to do is lie in the dark with your eyes closed. Try and think about something relaxing, it might even pay to use one of the many sleep aids, such as imagining that you are on a tropical beach, or repetitively flexing each muscle from your feet up to your neck.

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