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What is wrong with air mattresses?


Not all mattress materials were created equal. Memory foam, the revolutionary mattress material that was born in the crucible of the space race and uses cutting edge twentieth century chemical synthesis beats its competing mattress materials in every single metric that matters. In this series we will explain how memory foam demolishes the alternatives. In this article we will look at air mattresses.

To be fair, air mattresses have come a long way, but that is more of a reflection on how terrible they were and not on how good they are. The modern air mattress still has the same fundamental faults as its incredibly uncomfortable and very unhealthy predecessors.

The major problem with air mattress, a flaw that goes right to the heart of their being, is that they provide no variable support. In other words they are either hard or soft, there is not capacity for change in support levels dependent on body position, weight, sleeping position or any other variable. Memory foam on the other hand tailors its support level and shape to the exact body shape and position of the sleeper. Depending on how much the person weighs the material which actually provide a different level of support and as they move during the night, the mattress will adapt to their body position.

Air mattress can’t and will never be able to provide this variable support.

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