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Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex?


It is a common joke on TV and in movies that after sex the male will roll over and fall asleep, usually leaving his partner wide awake. While this is exaggerated for comic effect much of the time, there is some truth to the idea that after intercourse many of us feel sleepy. Why is that?

Well, relax fellow men around the world, next time you get in trouble for falling asleep post coitus, you have the weight of scientific evidence that it is not your fault, that in fact it is natural for men to fall asleep after sex.

It is not just because of the exercise that occurs during sex, but because men release a number of different hormones including one called prolactin. Prolactin makes you feel more tired and it is only men who release it during sex, meaning that they have a legitimate reason for dropping off. So for all those men out there, don’t feel bad about it, it is only natural. And for all those women out there, it is not his fault, it is because of his body chemistry, so give him a break.

It makes you wonder how many other things that men are always getting grief about are due to body chemistry…

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