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Why not give Mum what she has always wanted


Why not give Mum what she has always wanted

It’s is a precious commodity for any mother.

Any new mum will tell you (and possibly without even being asked) how they miss it or wish they had more of it. Maybe it really is the perfect Mother’s Day gift.


Yes, we’re talking about sleep.

When Ergoflex surveyed almost 2,000 Australians we found that over one in five women admitted to never getting a good night’s sleep. A quarter of women said they were awake at night worrying or thinking about things they need to do while children waking through the night regularly disturbed sleep for one in 10 women.

Our study found that sleep was far more precious to women than men. If given the choice, nearly three out of four women said they would rather have more sleep than more sex!

So if you can’t think of what to give Mum this Mother’s Day, perhaps a good night’s sleep or a nice long sleep-in will be all she could ask for.

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