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Why reality TV stars are all sleep deprived


Why reality TV stars are all sleep deprived

It is hard to escape it these days, every channel has them: reality TV shows. No wonder nine out of ten of the contestants are exhausted, they are so busy making endless shows. Yes, it is true, a recent survey found that almost every single contestant on reality TV shows is sleep deprived.

For many being on a reality TV show might seem like a really glamorous and exciting thing to do, in exchange for sharing your every moment with the country you get to sleep in a luxury apartment or house and take part in a range of harebrained activities. Most of the time they ply you with free alcohol so that you are more interesting and less prudish, even better you get paid and there is a chance of winning a big prize at the end.

While all of this may sound great to you, there are some darker aspects of being on a reality show,  aside from the total loss of privacy and the chance that you could be portrayed in a very unflattering manner. One of the darker sides is exhaustion. Yes, it seems that being on a reality TV show is not all drinking in the spa, they do a lot of hard work and end up not sleeping enough.

A recent article in the New York Times surveyed a range of reality TV stars and found that a whopping nine out of ten of them said that they were sleep deprived whilst they were filming their show.

Most of the time the people who give away all of their own privacy, the contestants, are made to sign nondisclosure agreements as the producers do not want to reveal a single thing about the process that goes on behind the scenes, an irony in itself. However, the journalist who wrote the NYT’s piece was able to talk to around two dozen ex contestants to find out about what goes on during the filming.

The most common complaint from them is that they were sleep deprived during the filming. The contestants on Hell’s Kitchen told of a work schedule that ran from 6am to 2am, leaving them less than 4 hours a night to sleep while those from the Bachelor complained about being forced to stand around for up to 12 hours at a time with little food and too much alcohol. The issues were the same across the board no matter what reality TV show they had been on, they spent many hours a day standing around waiting and were forced to work long hours.

So if you are thinking about how much fun it would be to go on one of these reality TV shows then you need to remember that despite the name, they really do not convey reality in any way, shape or form, otherwise most of time the contests would be standing around yawning and rubbing their eyes.

If you want reality then you need to avoid reality TV shows, if you want exhaustion and public exposure, go for it!

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