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Why sleep is important when you are pregnant


Sleeping is important for everyone but there are certain times in life when it is even more important than normal. Being pregnant is one of those times. Your body is going through a number of huge changes and you are about to experience one of the most significant transitions in your life, meaning that sleep is not only more important but can also be harder to come by. Add in the dramatic change in body shape and the increasing need to go to the bathroom at night and you will find sleep becomes increasingly difficult.

When you are pregnant the body needs the recuperative period that sleep provides more than ever, it is working overtime to provide the baby with all the necessary nutrients and conditions to ensure it is strong and healthy and sleep is critical for the development of the fetus. It is also vital for the mother as not only does her body need the rest but it also provides some mental ‘down time’.

It is important for the pregnant woman to prioritise sleep, to set time aside for naps during the day if necessary and to create a routine that will help them sleep as the baby grows and their body changes.

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