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Why taking time out during the day helps


Did you know that around 40 percent of adults in the western world are tired more often than not? It is not really surprising when you think about the amount of work we do, nor the amount of recreation we do, our lives are fuller than they were in the past. Even older inventions like the light bulb have increased what we can do in a day, now with smart phones and iPads we can do more all the way until we—try—to fall asleep.

To remedy our never ending tiredness it is important that we as individuals acknowledge our role in the problem. This is the first step. Then we need to implement a range of changes, one of them being taking time out each and every day.

This is simple to do. Instead of running at full-speed ahead until we are spent, stopping to rejuvenate throughout the day helps us make better decisions throughout the day and sleep better at night. Take at least five minutes and focus on five things you love. Reminisce about a great holiday or night out. Rehydrate (with water). Oxygenate (with deep stomach breathing).

Doing this each day will help your body and brain to relax, easing the pressure that builds up during the day and making sleep easier at night.

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