Are Dreams Just A By-Product Of Life?


Ask someone why we dream and they are guaranteed to have some kind of theory. It is hard not to think about why we dream, especially the morning after a really intense and vivid dream. Most of the theories people have though, revolve around dreams having some kind of purpose, a reason for being. In fact, you rarely get someone telling you dreams just happen for no particular reason at all. That there is no grand plan behind dreaming.

However, there is a growing number of scientists who think that this is the answer to the age old question of why we dream: no particular reason. In fact, what they think is that dreaming is just the random result of two particular biological processes, consciousness and sleeping. That rather than having some overarching purpose, it is just something that happens. That it was not intended as a way to process memories, nor was it a training ground for young brains.

This doesn’t mean that it has not taken up those roles, to some degree, but rather that it didn’t begin with that purpose. That dreaming was just a sort of accident caused by humans being aware, but also needing to sleep.

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