Dealing With Jet Lag


Dealing With Jet Lag

International travel is exciting and mind broadening, but there is always the jet lag to deal with. Generally, eastward travel causes more intense jet lag as it shortens the day, whereas westward travel lengthens the day, and the biological clock is able to cope with a longer day easier than a shorter day. No matter which way you have travelled, there are some things you can do that help with jet lag.

1. Slowly adjust your body clock: a few days before you are about to leave you should start shifting your eating and sleeping times to coincide with your destination’s time. Even small changes can help you with your jet lag.

2. Stay away from alcohol and caffeine: Sure it is tempting to use alcohol and caffeine to help you fall asleep and wake up but in the end you are only making it harder for yourself. In the long run you are better to stay away from these substances as they only make it worse.

3. Melatonin: Melatonin has become increasingly popular as a way of dealing with jet lag. It is the neurotransmitter that makes the body tired at night and is available over the counter. Taking it before bed at night after you have arrived helps you sleep, but you should not become too reliant on it.

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