Dealing with unknown sleep disturbances


While sleep disruptions and disorders are usually straight-forward to identify, sometimes your sleep can be unsettled for reasons that you can’t fathom. Subtle changes in your lifestyle or working day that might be all but imperceptible can often trigger physical or psychological effects that end up disturbing your sleep. This is largely down to a regular routine being changed in some way, and the body and mind reacting to that.

It could even be something as innocuous as taking a different mode of transport to and from work, not exactly something that you’d immediately associate with interfering with sleep quality.

If you find your sleep disturbed over several nights for an unknown reason, then it’s time to think about changing your sleep preparation habits to get back to normal. As sleep quality is inextricably linked to health and wellbeing, it’s vitally important to tackle the problem as soon as it’s noticed.

Pre-sleep routine. Look at what you do in the evening, in the hours leading up to bedtime. This time is crucial for how your body and mind prepares for sleep. If your body is reacting to a change in routine, then your evening preparation needs to change accordingly.

Diet. Pay attention to the food that you’re eating. Anything that is perhaps new to your diet might be the reason your sleep pattern has changed.

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