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Ergoflex Advocate Chris Froome Wins 2nd Tour de France


Ergoflex Advocate Chris Froome Wins 2nd Tour de France

Chris Froome won his second Tour de France on Sunday, marking an historical achievement and firmly cementing himself amongst the legends of the famous race.

The win completed a dominant performance from Froome and by Team Sky, leading the race from stage seven onwards. After three weeks of gruelling racing he finished one minute and twelve seconds faster than Movistar’s Nairo Quintana, making him the first British rider to win the Tour de France twice. As well as the overall Grand Tour win and maillot jaune, Froome also finished with the King of the Mountains polka dot jersey, an achievement last recorded by legend Eddy Merckx some forty-five years ago and just the sixth time it has happened in the Tour’s history.

Chris Froome and Ergoflex – Sleep Well. Ride Well - A Winning Combination

We’d like to extend our congratulations to Chris Froome for this momentous achievement. As a long-time user and advocate of Ergoflex, we were delighted to see Froome’s continued success and record-breaking performance on the Tour.

He’s Chris describing his Ergoflex mattress:

“It’s excellent, and delivers everything I was expecting from such a hi-tech mattress. The ‘weightlessness’ feeling is the perfect antidote to leaden legs after a day's riding, and I’ve found that minor aches and pains are mostly relieved by the morning. The support to the lower back, which can be a problem area for me, is excellent, and I’m confident that the Ergoflex mattress is assisting my recovery times and overall quality of sleep on a daily basis.”

You can read Chris Froome’s full account of his Ergoflex mattress on his official Facebook page.

It’s really no surprise that the Tour double-winner would sleep on an Ergoflex considering the many benefits that memory foam offers to athletes, as well as our proud history of providing sleep solutions for sportspeople at the top of their game both here in Australia and also in the UK and Europe.

Our mattress is used by Australian and British Olympic champions, Australian swimmers, English Premier League footballers, Australian footballers, including past and present players for the Matildas, as well as athletes from a number of other sports, performing at the very highest levels of competition. In such high-pressure environments when it comes to sleep quality, nothing can be left to chance - and that’s why Ergoflex is the clear choice for many.

Sleep and Athletic Recovery

Sleep plays a key role in athlete performance, both during regular training and events – especially those as intensively demanding as the Tour de France. Deep sleep is the period during which the body restores and repairs damage that takes place during sports, allowing for the development of muscle and energy recovery. By working to achieve good sleep, athletes ensure that they’re taking advantage of this process and maintaining the ability to perform to their potential. Without good sleep the susceptibility for injury and illness can be increased, risking loss of performance. It’s because of this vital role that sleep is now recognised as such an important element of the training and events regime for athletes of all disciplines.

So when it comes to choosing a mattress, it’s not a decision that top level sportspeople can take lightly, as demonstrated by Chris Froome’s choice of Ergoflex.

Put simply, a sub-standard mattress – whether a sprung mattress that doesn’t deliver full body support or a low quality offering purporting to deliver memory foam performance – won’t just result in poor quality sleep, it’ll also result in poor athletic performance.

Ergoflex’s use of proprietary ACPT temperature-sensitive high-density visco-elastic memory foam and a combination of cool-sleep airflow and premium base layers delivers a pressure-relieving performance night after night. This means that the areas of the body that typically suffer the most during sports activities - lower back, legs, arms – are sufficiently supported during sleep and allowed to effortlessly recover from exertion. By delivering a weightless cradling of the entire body, the Ergoflex makes it easier to find a comfortable position and get to sleep faster, as well as achieving a more restful, disturbance-free sleep throughout the night. All of which results in a feeling of rejuvenation and energy in the morning, a feeling that’s priceless for everyone – athletes and non-athletes alike!

Photos: Credit Team Sky

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