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Layered Dreams


The blissful comfort associated with Ergo Flex memory foam mattresses is owed to a multi-layered composition. The product is orchestrated to offer a symphony of peace and relief, as layers harmonise and work in unison to soothe the mind and body in a consoling embrace.

The products five layer system is carefully designed, as each layer enhances the performance of the next. The high resilience base support is crucial in providing a platform for the top layers to demonstrate their soft but supportive depths. The 9cm memory foam layer equals the dimensions of the base layer and is paramount in achieving the abundance of comfort associated with the promotion of sleep. The cool-sleep air-flow system is sandwiched between the layers as a hidden luxury that ensures cool air circulates through the mattress’ materials, continuing the theme of freshness, experienced as you wake. The memory foam mattress is encased in a protective inner cover, while the velour outer cover which is treated with a hypo-allergenic and microbial solution provides the icing on sponge-like cake of airy slumber.

The layers present within the Ergo Flex mattress correspond to the layered dimensions of dreams that fill the mind as we sleep. Dreams within dreams are a common pattern that appears throughout the night, as an assortment of images and meanings that converge in a surreal blend. It is common for the plots of dreams to wander restlessly into others, fading and reappearing fleetingly in another dreamscape. Because dreams are layered in a nonsensical manner, the desire or urge to pull meaning from juxtaposed people, places or feelings results in dream scenes invading waking thoughts, resonating for hours, days or even years to come.

Dreams can hang like curtains of mystery, coloured and patterned with meaning and insight into authentic emotion or beliefs that can lift to expose areas in waking life that play out in the realms of fantasy. It is believed that dreams are a means of the subconscious communication, used as a way of surfacing suppressed emotion in order to express excess frustration, grief or elation. Layered dreams can also symbolise an overload of information, scattered as a series of mismatched images that act as undercurrents that bubble up in seemingly serene scenes.

Dream diaries can be kept as a record of the tireless travels of the unconscious, which can reflect an individual’s frame of mind, values and deep seated fears at any given point in time. Dreams can also cross over into waking hours, standing on the thresh hold of reality and fantasy. The layer of fantasy can permeate reality, just as reality frequently informs the surroundings of dream states; an example could be sleep- walking. Dreams can remain unsolved mysteries, revealing the complexities of the human mind, as the conscious mind emblazons fragmented images upon the memory, formulating dream sequences that can flit or connect seamlessly. Dreams seem to be vital in ironing out the creases and bumps that accumulate throughout the day.

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