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Odds Of Being Killed By Falling Out Of Bed?


This may sound silly but there are in fact statistics relating to death by falling out of bed. The chances of being killed by falling out of bed are about one in two million. Okay, so that doesn’t sound too bad, but how does it compare. To put that figure in perspective, let’s look at some other odds.

The odds of being killed next year in any kind of transportation accident are 77 to 1, which is far more risky, as you would expect. Falling out of bed is not as dangerous as being in a car crash.

We might need to look at a more obscure way of dying to get any real comparison. How about the odds of slipping in the bath or shower and dying? Unsurprisingly, they are worse than falling out of bed. The changes of death are 2 232 to 1, which is still pretty high.

What about death by lightning? Here we get a good comparison. The odds of being killed by lightning are 2 320 000 to 1, which is virtually that same as dying by falling out of bed. So, the chances of dying from a fall from bed are about the same as being killed by lightning!

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