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Overcoming Sleep Deprivation #1


For some people, getting to sleep can be a total nightmare, an awake nightmare. Insomnia and sleep deprivation can become cyclical and cumulative, meaning they become harder and harder to break, but do not despair, there are ways for you to break the cycle, there are ways you can fight back and finally get the rest deserve. Here is the first of three guides to overcoming sleep deprivation.

First up, you need to avoid all caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and other chemicals that interfere with sleep. Sure you may feel like they help you, but they are really messing with your body’s natural sleep cycle and if you want to sleep, the best way is naturally.

Next, you need to turn your bedroom into a sleep inducing space. Make it as dark, quiet and lukewarm as possible. Get good blinds to put over your windows, buy earplugs if you need to and make sure that the temperature is about 20 degrees Celsius. This is the perfect environment for getting to sleep in.

Finally, make sure that you establish a relaxing pre-sleep routine. For the hour or so before you go to bed you need to do something that relaxes you. It could be reading a book, or having a bath or even meditating. Whatever it is, do it every night and develop a routine. 

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