Overcoming Sleep Deprivation #3


For some people, getting to sleep can be a total nightmare, an awake nightmare. Insomnia and sleep deprivation can become cyclical and cumulative, meaning they become harder and harder to break, but do not despair, there are ways for you to break the cycle, there are ways you can fight back and finally get the rest deserve. Here is the third of three guides to overcoming sleep deprivation.

First up, you need to follow a consistent sleep routine. Go to bed at about the same time each day and try and get up at about the same time. The body craves routine and by sticking to a schedule you are more likely to develop healthy sleeping habits.

Also, if you are going to have a nap, do it earlier in the day and do not nap for more than thirty minutes. Otherwise, you risk making it even more difficult to get to sleep at night.

Another suggestion is that you make lunch your main meal. Eating a big meal at dinner will fill you up and make it harder to get to sleep as your body is busy processing the food.

Finally, if you are going to exercise, it is better to do it at the start of the day as exercise will actually make you feel more awake afterward. The endorphins that the body releases will make it harder to drift off if you exercise at night.

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