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Relaxation is the body’s way of winding down, and is therefore vital for everyone’s pre-sleep routine. When you’re relaxed you’re far more likely to get off to sleep quicker, as your body and mind is already in a receptive state for rest. If you’re not relaxed, you’re likely to spend time in bed lying awake - and your sleep quality will ultimately suffer.

Here are some relaxation tips that might help you to get off to sleep quicker;

Breathing techniques. Deep and slow breathing is known to regulate the heart-rate, which in turn helps to promote calmness, making this perhaps the most effective and immediate relaxation method. Simply taking a deep breath through your nose, holding it for a second and releasing through your mouth, repeated several times over a three or four minute period will have a definite calming effect.

Visualise a serene place. Thinking about a relaxing place can help to evoke calm feelings. Everyone has a distinct and clear recollection of somewhere that puts them in a relaxed mood, usually a holiday or childhood memory. The more concentration you put into these thoughts, and the longer you think about them, the more relaxed you’re likely to become.

Muscle relaxation. An uptight body can prevent sleep in just the same way as an overworked mind, so it’s important to factor muscle relaxation into any pre-sleep routine. This easy technique involves focusing on a particular part of the body, and tensing and releasing the muscles several times before concentrating on another part of the body. Moving methodically around the body, this process has the effect of releasing muscular tension.

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