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What does my sleep position say about me?


What does my sleep position say about me?

Did you know your personality secrets can be revealed by the way you sleep?

You would think that when you sleep you do it in a way that does not display your personality. There are many moments in life where the type of person you are shines through, but the last place you would think this would occur would be when you are fast asleep. It turns out the way you sleep actually says a lot about your personality. Even in your sleep you cannot get away from who you are. Your body position at night is a powerful indicator of your outlook, your character and can even say something about the type of day that you have had.

In an article in the Telegraph, in the UK, the body language expert Robert Phipps outlines how this works and it really is fascinating. He has looked at the four most common sleeping positions and cross referenced these with particular personality types, finding that there was some correlation. Phipps believes that his findings show not just what sort of person you are but how stressful your day was, if you are worried about anything and whether you feel in our out of control in your life. He also thinks that your sleep position can show your dominant traits, thinks like being upbeat, stubborn or even whether you are a daydreamer.

The ‘foetal’ position
Foetal Sleeping Position
Around half of his study populace sleep in the ‘foetal’ position, where they are on their side and have their knees tucked up, just as a baby in the womb does. People who sleep in this position are natural born worriers, when they sleep in this way they are trying to recapture the bliss of the womb. They are also conscientious and like to make sure everything is in the right place, according to Phipps, but have a tendency to over think things and make themselves stressed. 

Log Sleeping Position

The ‘log’ position

The second most common sleep position was the ‘log’, with around three tenths of people using this. People who sleep in the log position, where they have a straight body and arms by their sides, are generally inflexible in their outlook, stubborn and hard to argue with. They often come across as bossy to other people


The ‘yearner’ positionYearner Sleeping Position

The next most common sleep position is one called the ‘yearner’, these are people who sleep with their arms laid out in front of them as if they are trying to get hold of their dreams. Phipps believes that these people want more than they currently have in life, they are go getters who go out each day and work hard for it. However, they can also be very self critical, demanding unreasonable outcomes and having unreachable dreams.

Freefaller Sleeping PositionThe ‘freefaller’ position

Around one in ten people can be classed as a ‘freefaller’, which means they sleep like they have just jumped out of a plane, spread eagled on the bed face down. These people are often clutching their pillow and look like they may be grasping at a life preserver as if they are trying to keep their head above the water. People who sleep like this often see life as being something they are not able to control and that they are just going along for the ride. They will generally wake up feeling nervous and will bring all the concerns and stresses from the previous day along with them.

The 'Soldier' position Soldier Sleeping Position

Many  people sleep with both arms pinned to their sides. This position is called the 'soldier' position for obvious reasons. People who sleep in this position are believed to be generally quiet and reserved, introverted and naturally-quiet people. They certainly don't like a fuss, but set themselves and others high standards.

Starfish Sleeping Position

The 'Starfish' position

Our last sleep position is the Starfish position. This is where you lie on your back with your arms up and legs spread. People who prefer this position tend to have good listing qualities and a helpful nature. They generally don't like to be the centre of attention.These sleepers also make good friends.


In an article on, body language experts Allan and Barbara Pease take it to the next level by examining the meaning of how couples sleep together. As Barbara explains, “By observing a couple and their sleeping pattern, a lot can be said about the current state of their relationship.”

In each other's arms
“How romantic! But how totally impractical and unrealistic too,” Allan says. He goes on to explain that few couples will keep sleeping like this past the early bloom of the relationship. While this may be a ‘cute’ way to sleep it actually restricts people’s blood flow to their arms and is not a great way to sleep.

Spooning and cuddling
The spoon is a classic, this is where both people lie facing the same way, tucked up together like spoons in a draw. “The person doing the wrapping tends to be the stronger, more confident and most giving in the relationship," Barbara explains. Mostly it is men who are the spooner, but if a women does it then it usually indicates her nurturing approach to her partner.

Bottom huggers
If you and your partner sleep apart expect for having your bottoms touch then this will generally indicate that you are happy to have some freedom in your relationship but that you are secure in it as well.  "This is such an intimate part of the body to touch one another with, it really does suggest that you are very close," Barbara states. "After all, there probably aren't that many people in your life with whom you could imagine sleeping like this."

Distant sleepers
While many see sleeping apart as the death knell of a relationship, this does not have to be the case. As long as you have a snuggle and kiss before bed then this can be a practical approach to keeping the relationship happy. Allan explains that “The average double bed doesn't give you all the space you need. Separate beds or even bedrooms bode best for sleep, but that doesn't mean you lack any intimacy within your relationship”.

Looped Legs
Some couples will sleep with their legs looped together, and as Allan explains, "This mere brushing of the legs says, ‘I love you'. Couples who sleep with their legs looped are demonstrating their togetherness, but they are also showing their sense of independence and respect for each other's individuality."

So what does your sleep position, alone or with your partner, say about you and your relationship?  Don’t worry too much if your preferred sleep position reveals a supposed character trait that you aren't keen on - it's not exactly a scientific certainty! The most important aspect of your typical sleep position is that you're comfortable enough to fall into a deep and happy sleep.

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