What is the best environment for you to sleep in?


Many people don’t see the importance of a good nights sleep, and often neglect the environment in which they choose to sleep. What is your perfect sleeping environment? Do you like a hot or a cold room? Pitch black or some light? Everyone has a desired environment in which they like to sleep, however, how often do we sleep in our preferred environment? There are many factors to getting the perfect sleep and there are a variety of things that prevent us from this.

Noise – Generally most people prefer a silent place to sleep, as they struggle to sleep with background noise or loud noises outside of their control. When we are trying to sleep, our hearing sense increases meaning we hear noises clearly. This sensitivity would be welcomed, if we were in serious danger while we were sleeping, however when it is a downstairs television set or neighbours music it could be off putting when you are trying to get some rest. Noise whilst sleeping, affects the cycles of sleep meaning that our sleep pattern is compromised.

Temperature – Everyone has their own preference when it comes to sleeping in a hot room or cool room, but it is vital that you sleep in the temperature that is good for you. If you are too cold in bed or wake up sweating then your surrounding environment woke you up, meaning it was a problem.

Lighting – it is common for people to sleep in the dark, however some prefer the presence of a nightlight, or side lamp for safety if they get up during the night. This is another factor in getting a perfect night sleep. Even if you sleep during the day it is still important to try and sleep in a darkened room, as it associates with your body clock as being a time you should be sleeping.

Mattress – Your mattress and bedding is imperative in you getting a good nights sleep, if it is uncomfortable, too hard or too soft then it could be disruptive in your attempts for a good long rest. The introduction of the memory foam mattress has given people a better night’s sleep, than the old fashioned spring mattress. Especially a high quality memory foam mattress from Ergoflex™, with its high quality, offers the sleeper a luxurious night’s sleep. The mattress plays an important role, and begs the question whether your mattress is affecting your sleep.

These problems are more prominent when sleeping in the same room as a partner, as they may have different preferences to you. Nevertheless, it is important that your environment is right for you when you are trying to go to sleep. A disrupted night’s sleep sets the tone for your following day, whether you’re tired, depressed or not interested in what the day has to offer.

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