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What Piece Of Furniture Do We Use More Than Any Other Piece Of Furniture?


Here is a quick quiz for you, what piece of furniture do we use more than any other piece of furniture? No, it is not a couch or any other type of chair. It is not a table. It is in fact, drum roll please, the bed. That is right, you use your bed more than any other piece of furniture.

When you think about it, it makes sense. We spend about a third of every day, which is eight hours, in bed. In a week, that is fifty six hours. In a month, that is two hundred and twenty four hours. In a year, that is 2848 hours out of a total of 8544 hours in a year. There is no way that you sit in a chair for that long in a year, and there is no way that you use your wardrobe that much, or any other piece of furniture for that matter.

This is why it is so important to have a good bed. We spend so much time in bed that it is imperative to sleep on something that is both comfortable and provides the right support. A third of your life is a lot of time to spend on something uncomfortable or unhealthy.

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