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Why A Comfortable Bed Matters


Do you treasure that extra hour of sleep? Do you wake up in the morning wishing you could have just one more hour? The easiest way to ensure that you get that extra hour, that hour that can mean the difference between a grumpy and a good day, is having a comfortable mattress. It is that simple.

Scientific studies have shown that mattress softness and support have an influence in how long we sleep. While comfort is a somewhat subjective measure they have found that people who rate a bed as highly comfortable are far more likely to get a full night’s sleep on that bed than on one that they rated as uncomfortable. In some respects, this is not that surprising, as anyone who has slept on an uncomfortable bed will tell you. However, it is interesting that a comfortable bed is able to offer such a widespread and scientifically proven boon as an entire extra hour a night.

Add that up. That is seven extra hours a week. Twenty eight extra hours a month. A whooping 336 hours a year. And over the average life span it is an incredible 26 000 hours of sleep. So if you want an extra 26 000 extra hours of sleep, then you better get a more comfortable bed.

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